COMPR. SENCO MINI NOOL. 3,8l/0,5kW/230V KM1115

COMPR. SENCO MINI NOOL. 3,8l/0,5kW/230V KM1115

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  • Light weight - only 9 kg
  • Aluminum cylinder
  • Very quiet operation
  • Tank capacity of 3.8 liters
  • Comfortable soft grip handle
  • Includes pressure regulator, pressure gauge, air filter, 1/4" universal connector

PC 1010 (MINI)

is the smallest child in the family. Its biggest advantage is its weight of about 9 kg and noise level of no more than 68dB. Thanks to these parameters, it can be used during all kinds of repair, modeling or DIY work even in apartments in multi-story blocks of apartments, without causing frustration to neighbors. Its performance will allow you to power tools that do not require a large volume of air. Max pressure of 8.2 bar does not differ from the pressures obtained in even very large compressors. The SENCO Mini compressor perfectly supplies air to: a spray gun; a glue gun or a grease gun. It works well with air cleaning guns and as an air source for air staplers and staple guns. Due to its quiet operation (volume at 70 dB) used to power areographs. The SENCO Mini compressor does not require oil dosing and is therefore classified as self-service.

Technical data:

  • motor power 0.5 kW
  • max. pressure 8,2 bar
  • total output : 19,8 L/min
  • readiness to work (6,1-8,2 bar) 48 sec.
  • revolutions : 2850 rpm
  • number of phases: 1-phase
  • number of cylinders : 1-cylinder
  • tank capacity: 3,8 L
  • dimensions: 35.6 x 33 x 25.4 cm
  • weight: 9 kg

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